Coffee Table Book:


Standard Issue:
Soft Cover with Dust Jacket.
Size: 290 x 250 mm


De Luxe Issue:
Hardcover Slipcased Book with Stone Lithograph, Signed and Numbered.
Edition of 100.

Size: 297 x 256 mm
Collectors Issue:
Signed and Numbered Hardcover Slipcased Book in a Handcrafted Wooden Box with original sculpture and gouache.
A special limited edition of Pinotage wine produced by the Southern Right Wine Estate is also included with the Collectors Issue.
Label designed and numbered by Norman Catherine.

Edition of 40.

Book size: 297 x 256 mm.
Box size: 340 x 300 x 105 mm.

Extracts of the text by Hazel Friedman:

-Of Pigs and Performance

Art of Darkness
-Ad Liberty

Jung & Yang

Anima Animus Animate

Role Call

An example of the layout:


Page 112.


Page 113.


This book can be ordered from the Goodman Gallery